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Tell us about your company, we will propose tailored strategies to your vertical.

Frequently asked questions

Tell us about your company, we will propose tailored strategies to your vertical.

  • “The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is today.” - Chinese Proverb

    1. SEO is a compounding channel (it builds on itself to deliver huge ROI), cost-effective, and the clearest path to organic growth.
    2. Your content investment can pay dividends for years to come. Paid acquisition delivers diminishing returns. We’ve seen 1,000% ROI 12 months out for some clients (FAR higher ROI than any other channel). Growth yields higher returns: 5X greater return offered by high growth companies to shareholders (vs. medium growth)*
    3. Growth predicts long-term success: 8X more likely to reach $1 billion in revenues with growth greater than 60% than those growing less than 20%
    4. Growth matters more than margin or cost structure: 2X as much market-capitalization gain as margin improvements for companies with less than $4 billion in revenues

    *Data from McKinsey & Company

  • We understand that you can be in a variety of places with your growth journey. That’s why we work in two different ways:

    1. Full Service: If you are just getting started with your SEO and your growth journey, we can run the entire show, from strategy to implementation. We’ll make sure that you have the proper framework to succeed with this channel and others.
    2. Team Support: If you have a team in place, or have started investing in this channel internally, Format will provide support with our tools, insights and content programs. Our team will augment what you are already doing well, and point out areas of improvement.

    Format adapts our strategy to your business model, product and customer base. Our ultimate goal is to help you reach your KPI goals - and do so quickly and efficiently.

  • Format Agency will provide our proprietary 33-point checklist audit to give you a sense for how your content (from homepage to product pages to blog posts) will perform with various search engines.

    After the initial SEO audit, Format’s content creation operates in a two tiered approach:

    1. First three months: optimized site and blog delivered with 30 articles published and live
      1. Site optimization
      2. Blog setup
      3. Strategic build-out of 50-150 search terms (depending on industry/sector)
      4. 30 articles live based on the strategic search terms
      5. Backlink recommendations
      6. Proprietary checklist for optimization
      7. Centralized key metric visualization
      8. Bi-weekly check ins with updates and strategic suggestions
    2. Following the initial three month period, we will continue to buiild on the initial successes we have seen and scale to reach performance marks that we lay out during our initial conversations.
    3. Pricing upon request.
  • In the first 90 days:

    After performing our initial audit, we will have a baseline understanding of your SEO efforts. You can expect us to make sure you are operating at peek efficiency when it comes to your SEO over the course of our program.

    We will provide bi-weekly reports (and check-ins if desired) with ranking information, traffic, etc. compiled from various tracking tools. We will provide feedback on how things are going and where we think things could be.

    We will also have a visualization tool that will allow you to see where you can improve in terms of your SEO set up. This “at a glance” tool will be great for you and your team to see how you are performing over all.

    Beyond 90 days:

    Search engine optimization and content creation strategies take time, but from the day of your initial audit to day 90 to day 145, you will start to see increased organic traffic that is searching for your keywords of interest.